Welcome to Fyber Space

Starting out, introducing patterns.   Here are the first (free) patterns.  You may contact me as joan at fyberspace.com.

Triangular shawl
This shawl was worked from the point up until I ran out of yarn, leaving just enough for the tassel after completion.  It can be stopped anywhere, when yarn runs out or when the size is right for you.  My version used Trendsetter's Dune, glittery and fuzzy, acquired as an impulse buy when it was on sale because I loved the colors.  Rather than add it to my stash I made this shawl.   Here's a link to the pattern:  duneshawl.pdf

Poncho pic
This is an entrelac poncho made out of Melinda Bickford's "curly locks" and washable wool.  It was the 2nd of three such efforts ... the first was very long, this is middle size, and the third was child's size.  Fun to knit, quick, drapes well, nice shape (if I do say so).  The yarn is a joy to work with (see http//:tessyarns.com ).  Here's the pattern: shortponcho.pdf
Garter vest
This vest is pattern-as-you-go, without needing gauge swatch. The version shown uses Melinda Bickford's "curly locks" (one skein) plus some of Melinda's left over mohair for the stripes.  Here's the pattern:  GaugelessGarterVest.pdf